Compounding is the method of preparing medication from pure powder to meet the unique needs of prescribers and patients. The biggest advantage of compounding is that it has the ability to meet the special needs or conditions of the patient.

The standard methods of delivery, dosage form, strength, flavor and formula can all be adjusted to each patient’s needs.

Chappelle Pharmasave Pharmacy offers a wide range of compounding services, including Pediatric, Pain Management, Veterinarian, Dermatology, Dental and Bio-Identical Hormones Restoration.


Many stomach preparations for kids have to be a specific PH in order to remain stable over the course of treatment.  Following well established standard formulas allows us to meet those standards and ensure that your child remains healthy.

For children that have allergies or strong dislike for Banana or Berry we can formulate or flavor medication to suit their specific needs.

With a wide range of options including oral liquids, lollipops, gummy troches, suppositories and topical preparations we, along with your doctor are able to create solutions for you and your child.


The treatment of pain has changed dramatically over the last few years.  Compounding ingredients that are applied topically become a popular alternative.  Applying treatments to the injury site enables patients to treat pain without side effects that oral pain medication can produce.  Whether it is muscle tension, shingles or chronic inflammation, we can help.   Ask one of our pharmacists about all our different pain creams.


Administering medication to animals can be a challenge.  Compounding medication is useful when the precise dose is unavailable in “human” form.  We are able to flavor oral liquids depending on the animal.  Beef, chicken, bacon, shrimp and a really fishy fish are house favorites with cats and dogs.  For our more exotic patients, we carry over 50 different flavors from apple to vanilla butter.

For our finicky felines who won’t do liquid, we have a topical gel that is simply massaged into the inner ear tip.  For more easy-going pets, we have other oral options such as chew treats and pellets (both may be flavoured).  We also have a wide range of capsule sizes, including the smallest #5 (the size of a tic-tac)

By working with veterinarians and their clients we are able to meet each pet’s individual needs.


Over the counter skincare is a multi-billion dollar a year market that mainly targets women.  When we compound a prescription from a dermatologist we make it for you the patient, as prescribed.  Our lab contains hundreds of pharmaceutical grade powders, an ointment mill (makes gritty compounds smooth and creamy) and a tube sealer which seals plastic tubes, helping to prevent contamination when applied.  If your dermatologist prescribes a product that is not commercially available, we have the formula to make it.


Whether it’s a fear of needles, drills or simply a strong gag reflex, a trip to the dentist can cause anxiety. At Chappelle Pharmasave Compounding Pharmacy, we can address problems from topical anesthesia, dry socket, cold sores, tooth sensitivity, abscesses, as well as many other common ailments.  When young patients are struggling with taking over the counter medication, we have over 50 appealing flavours that can be made into liquids, tablets, gels, gummy troches and lollipops to make it easier for them to take.  Going to the dentist can be a good experience, ask one of our pharmacists to see if we can help meet your personal needs.