Home Visits for Clinical Services

We come to your home to take care of your health

Our pharmacists are available for free regular home visits to provide pharmacy services in the comfort of your own home. Home visits provide an opportunity to discuss your medications with a pharmacist in a comfortable, stress-free environment with no distractions. Our pharmacists will take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your medications. During a home visit, our pharmacists will meet with you to identify potential or actual problems with your medications (if they exist) and communicate with your doctor to correct the problems.

At a home visit, our pharmacists can provide the following pharmacy services:

  • Counseling on a new medication(s) or on changes to your existing medications/dosages
  • Conduct medication reviews
  • Regular follow-up visits
  • Answer questions and address concerns about medications (without feeling rushed)
  • Counseling and education on how to use medical devices (blood sugar meters, blood pressure machines, etc)
  • Free consultation on disease state management (ie. diabetes, asthma, hypertension, cholesterol and smoking cessation management)
  • Help with completing insurance forms to submit to various drug plans (Blue Cross)
  • Free prescription delivery of medication(s)
  • Injection Services
  • Home visits allow good accessibility and open lines of communication with your own personal pharmacist.


All of the services above are provided at no charge. Please contact the pharmacy to set up an appointment with one of our pharmacists.