Medella Breast Pump Rentals


Congratulations! Whether this is your first or your eighth child, we know that as new parents you’ve already got your hands full. Breast pumps can help mothers feed breast milk to their infants, even if they are unable to breastfeed (due to issues like a mother’s illness or medication use, returning to work, latching difficulties, and engorgement). Breast pumps also help mothers build and maintain their milk supply. London Drugs offers the Medela Symphony Breast Pump for rental. This convenient, easy-to-use, hospital-grade double breast pump is proven to reduce pumping time through faster milk flow. NOTE: Our rental breast pumps feature protective barriers that are approved for multiple users, so you can rest assured that use is safe and sanitary.


Here at Chappelle Pharmasave we know how challenging and personal breastfeeding can be for women. We specialize in Breastfeeding Pumps and Supplies featuring many products by Medela. Because breast milk provides the best nutrition for babies, we promote this natural and healthy means of feeding. We are happy to be able to support new and growing families at this exciting time in your life. Come and consult with one of our many specialists ready to assist you.

We offer many nipple and breast pump products as well as knowledgeable staff to help you through this season of life.  At times when breast pumping is necessary you will often want to know what your options are, and what is best for you and baby; we’re here to help.  Do not hesitate to call and ask if we have the right product for you.

When pumping is necessary, we offer:

  • Medela breastpump sales and rentals
  • PumpEase support for hands-free pumping and maximizing milk production
  • Breastpump replacement parts
  • Milk storage supplies
  • Breast shields