On-The-Spot Strep Testing

Think you have the strep? Be sure with our new strep tests. If your test result is positive the our on site physician may write you a prescription. One stop for a test and a prescription means you’re on your way home and feeling better fast! Find relief and come visit us today!

Chappelle Pharmasave Pharmacy is now offering a simple and reliable rapid test in to determine if you are suffering from a strep bacterial infection in your throat.  Fast and convenient service and everything is done in one stop!

How it works:

  1. If you are experiencing sore throat symptoms, either call ahead  or walk in to our location at 3134 141 Street SW, at Chappelle Community
  2. You will fill out a patient information form and will be asked a few assessment questions by our pharmacist.
  3. We will do a throat swab to test for strep bacterial infection.
  4. After about 15 minutes processing time, a positive or negative result will show on the test.
  5. If the test is positive, our pharmacist may prescribe an antibiotic that is most appropriate for you. They will account for existing allergies, medications, possible drug interactions.
  6. We can provide the antibiotics at our clinic immediately after it is prescribed.

BD Veritor Group A Strep kit and the BD Veritor Plus Analyzer